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August Desktop Download

Happy August! 

It's back to normal "Scottish summer" over here, which means it's grey and rainy for the most part.

Around this time of year back home, it's usually berry picking time though! I miss it, so Chris and I are going to try to get out to a farm where you can pay to pick blackberries - enough to make a small batch of jam and maybe a pie or two. We might have to do it in the rain, but I hope it'll be worth it! I haven't actually had any blackberries since we've moved here.

Scottish strawberries are delicious too and I've been eating loads of them since summer started, so this month's wallpaper is pink and strawberry themed! It's also my first attempt at painting on an Ipad, so there's still a bit of learning to do, but I love the Procreate app so far. If you've been wanting to try it, do it, it's so much fun!

August Desktop Wallpaper pattern with flowers and pink strawberries

Download August Desktop here


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July Desktop Download

Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying this amazing summer weather! 

I think we had the hottest day ever in Glasgow on Thursday. It was 32ºC and I haven't been so sweaty since we lived in Australia! It was too hot to have Huxley outside, so I made him little paw-shaped doggy "ice-creams." If you have a doggo who would also appreciate a cool treat here is the recipe:

1 ripe banana, mashed

1/2 C peanut butter (make sure it's sugar free and xylitol free!) 

1/2 C coconut oil

Mix everything together really well and spoon or pipe into ice cube trays. Freeze until set.


Naturally, I had ice cream too (the people kind) and since I had pretty much zero ideas for this month's free wallpaper, Chris suggested painting little ice cream cones with sunglasses. He would probably also appreciate me telling you that the little spilled ice cream was his idea too ;) 

Hope you enjoy these happy pastel-coloured little guys and if there's anything you want to see for next month's wallpaper let me know.

Now, time to go make the most of the sunshine!

July Desktop Wallpaper with cute pastel coloured ice creams and flowers

Download July Desktop here

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June Desktop Download

Happy June everyone!

Apologies for being super late with the desktop wallpaper this month, the first kind of escaped me. The weather here has been beautiful and we've been well overdue for some adventures, so Chris and Huxley and I have been taking some day trips here and there around Scotland - you might have seen snippets of some on my Insta Stories. 

On the first of June, we were actually hanging out on Lunga with lots and lots of puffins! Huxley had to stay at the bottom of the island, so Chris and I took turns walking up to watch the puffins dig burrows and go about their puffiny business. I managed to video some of it, which you can see here:



And here is a puffin-themed desktop wallpaper! There's no month on it, so you can use it year-round if you like, or just for when you need a cute puffin fix. 

I hope you enjoy it and that you're having adventures too, either where you are or further abroad :)

Hand-illustrated desktop wallpaper with puffins and flowers

Download Puffin Wallpaper here

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May Desktop Download

Can you believe it's May already?

There are finally blossoms on the trees here in Glasgow and we've been enjoying more sunny days than usual. The little swifts are back too and watching them dart around the sky makes my heart very happy. It's all lovely but it makes it very difficult to stay inside and keep working on some new designs for the shop! 

I hope the sun is shining where you are too, but if not, this month's free desktop wallpaper has some wild roses and forget-me-nots to keep things bright and cheerful. 

Download May Desktop here

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April Desktop Download

Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope wherever you are you're spending some quality time with family or friends doing something fun. I really enjoy painting eggs and tomorrow Chris and Huxley and I will head to the park to check out the egg rolling. If you haven't heard of it, it's a funny tradition in Scotland where you paint eggs and then toss them down a hill. I won't be throwing mine - I worked too hard on them! But it's fun to watch everyone else. Poor Huxley will have to stay on his lead though, since last year he decided they made good snacks! 

This month's desktop wallpaper is styled after one of the patterns I painted on my eggs this year. There are lots of sunny daffodils and pastel colours to celebrate Spring finally arriving! I hope you enjoy it and it brightens up your work space. 

April Desktop Wallpaper with daffodil and lilac pattern

Download April Desktop here

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March Desktop Download

It's March, although you wouldn't know it here!

Glasgow is beautiful and snowy, but all the crocuses that have been popping up are hidden away for the moment, so it's time to make some colour of our own while we wait for the signs of Spring to come back. 

I love painting flowers and lately I've really been enjoying experimenting with a folky sort of style in my artwork, so this month I've painted some colourful blooms for your desktop. I hope you enjoy it and it makes your space a bit brighter while we wait for the sunshine and blossoms to return. 

Click here to Download

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Folksy Printable for your Valentine or Galentine

Folksy Printable for your Valentine or Galentine

Happy Sunday! 

Are you celebrating Galentine's Day this week?

I wanted to make a little something to send to my best friend, but then I realized that there are quite a few important women in my life who also deserve some appreciation! And wouldn't it be even nicer to share this online so that you can celebrate the women in your life too.

So I've painted a pretty folk-inspired design that you can print at home! Just open the pdf and click 'print' or download to your desktop first to save for future occasions too. I recommend printing this on a bright white card-stock for best results. Then trim it - a craft knife and steel ruler work best - fold, and write a personal message inside, easy! 

Download the PDF here and let me know if you enjoyed it, or better yet, tag #huxloveshoney on Instagram so I can see your card in action! 


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February Desktop Download

Hello and Happy February!

As usual, I'm a little behind on things - it's always hibernating weather here in Glasgow - but I made a desktop wallpaper to share with you! There are little snowdrops and crocuses popping up here and there around the city, so I thought painting something that looks forward to Spring would be perfect. I hope you enjoy it and it makes your space a bit more cheerful! 

Spring flowers on blue background

 Click to Download


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New Korean Gouache-Hybrid Review!

Shinhan gouache swatches

I ordered some new gouache paints from an online art shop a few weeks ago, and I think I might be in love with them!

The brand is called Shinhan and is based in Korea. They usually make watercolours, but they have a “watercolour and gouache hybrid” paint called Shinhan Pass that is meant to result in really vivid colours. I chose a palette of pastel colours plus one darker green since I use green in pretty much every painting ever.

Now, bit of honest talk here, these were on sale for £1.80 online (minus the Cobalt Green, which was closer to £4 I think, but that’s still cheaper than the Winsor Newton brand) so I wasn’t confident that the quality would be very good. After swatching my colour choices though, I’m so happy with my purchase and am definitely going to be adding more to my collection!

Shinhan gouache tubes

The large, main swatches are just the paint out of the tube with water mixed in – I found you have to add a lot more water to this paint to get the right consistency. They are only one layer of paint. Seriously. In my experience bright, vivid coverage in the first layer doesn’t actually happen often. The only exception was the Hooker’s Green, which came out patchy, and would need an extra layer or two, but that’s pretty much the norm for similar colours in the Winsor Newton range too.

After testing out the colours on their own, I mixed a 50-50 tint using my usual WN Zinc White. I like to stock up on any of the big tubes of white gouache when they’re on sale, so right now I have WN and a Daler Rowney Zinc White as well. Any how, it plays just fine with other brands which is also a plus, and the tints are even better pastel colours if you want that nice soft effect they can have.

Shinhan gouache swatches with paint tubes

Have you tried these paints before? What colours did you try and what did you think of them?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend trying out this brand if you can get your hands on some! Especially if you’re just starting out with gouache and need a cheaper option. If you already have a good-sized collection I think some of the colours can make nice compliments to what you already have too.


*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid by Shinhan to create this post, I bought these paints myself out of curiosity and thought I’d share my opinion of the brand with you :)

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Free Summer Floral Wallpaper Download

Floral Desktop Wallpaper

Hello everyone, happy weekend!

As usual, I haven’t been keeping up with the Hux Loves Honey blog since I’m busy working on lots of new things for the shop and some shows that are coming up! I promise there will be sneaky peeks on here soon, but following along on Instagram is your best bet for seeing things first.

Now, I work on a Mac lap top that is pretty much ancient by technology standards now – it’s old enough that Apple doesn’t make parts for it anymore and I get laughed at by shop staff. It is also dying a slow, slow death and trying to get any work done on it takes hours longer than it should. The patience you need for getting anything done is kind of like going back to dial up, if you’re old enough to remember that. Personally, I think the sound alone is forever embedded in my memory!

Mock up of floral desktop wallpaper

Anyways, it’s decrepit and inefficient and the plan is to get a shiny new iMac this summer. In the meantime I decided to pretty up this old beast, so I put together a colourful floral wallpaper from a painting I did recently – you might have seen it on my Instagram account already. And, since I’m not the only one who appreciates a pretty desktop I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys! If you want to see more free wallpapers let me know, it’s my first time making one, but they’re fun to put together.

You can download the desktop file here.

And the iphone file here.

Just right click to save the image, then once the file is on your desktop, right click again and select “Set Desktop Picture” – simple as that! If you’re on a PC you may have to go into your settings instead.

Now go enjoy your pretty new tech!

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